COVID-19 and Intero – A Berkshire Hathaway Affiliate

Intero – A Berkshire Hathaway Affiliate is holding steadfast to our commitment to assist you in your real estate transactions - even at this difficult time.

While taking the health and safety of our clients, agents, and employees very seriously and enacting certain and necessary protocols, we are operational in a virtual and compliant capacity.

We are confident that our best-in-class technologies, policies and systems can help weather this uncertain time. We know that not all decisions or commitments can be delayed, so rest assured we are available.

Buy your next home with our program while we take care of selling your current property. No showings, no renovations, no contingent offers. You keep all the upside. Unlock your equity today. Buy before you sell with conventional financing. No credit application, no interest, no hidden fees, no hassle.

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Make a Strong, Non-Contingent Offer

Purchase your dream home with a solid, non-contingent offer. You don’t have to rush to sell first.

Skip the Showings & Home Prep

We handle preparing your old house for sale while you enjoy your new home.

Sell for Top Dollar, Faster

Our listings sell for 6.4% more and twice as fast as the broader market.

No Double Moves or Mortgages

Avoid the cost and complexity of moving twice and paying two mortgages.

Lock in Today’s Low Interest Rates

Qualify for conventional financing on your new home. Win more, pay less.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pinnacle Forward?

Pinnacle Forward enables homeowners to unlock their home equity so they can make a strong, non-contingent offer on their next home before they sell their current house.

Pinnacle Forward also allows homeowners to avoid living through renovations, showings, and the uncertainty of a traditional sales process.

With Pinnacle Forward, sellers can move forward at their own pace with peace of mind.

How does Pinnacle Forward work?
  1. Pinnacle Forward acquires your property for an initial payment of up to 75% of the current value of the home, unlocking the majority of the seller’s equity and enabling them to pay off any mortgages
  2. Once the seller moves out, Pinnacle Forward prepares the home for sale with our expert designers and proprietary vendor platform
  3. Pinnacle Forward resells your home for top dollar and the seller keeps all the upside

That’s right – the seller keeps all the upside!

What does Pinnacle Forward cost?

We charge a base service fee that is typically 3% of the value of your home upon resale.

Since we’re paid as a percentage of the resale value of your home, our incentives are totally aligned with the homeowners’ to ensure their home sells for the highest price and as quickly as possible.

It’s also important to remember that since Pinnacle Forward prepares the property for sale and the sellers keep all the upside, the sellers may realize additional proceeds upon resale in excess of what they would have realized if they just sold your home in its current condition, which may offset the costs of the Pinnacle Forward program.

For instance, as of December 31, 2020, homes prepared for sale by Pinnacle Forward sell for 6.4% more than as-is value and twice as fast as the broader market. The seller keeps all that upside.

Is Pinnacle Forward a loan? If not, how is Pinnacle Forward different than a loan?

No, our Pinnacle Forward program is not a loan.

Unlike a bridge loan:

  • No credit application and it doesn’t impact your credit (it may improve your credit, actually)
  • No monthly payments
  • No interest expense
  • No fixed maturity date
  • No impact on sellers’ ability to obtain conventional financing on their next property because it is not a loan (no impact on DTI)
How is Pinnacle Forward different the iBuyers?

First, the homeowner keeps all the upside once we prepare the home for sale and resell it. We’re experts at preparing homes for sale and our properties outperform the broader market. As of December 31, 2020, our properties sell for 6.4% more than as-is value and twice as fast as the broader market. With Pinnacle Forward, the client keeps all the upside, whereas iBuyers keep all that for themselves in addition to their service fees.

Second, properties at all price points and in all geographies qualify for Pinnacle Forward. Less than 5% of existing homes qualify for iBuyer programs.

Third, Pinnacle Forward service fees are up to 75% less than other iBuyers’ fees. That does not include the money sellers leave on the table with iBuyers because they keep all the value they create by preparing your home for sale.

Is there any cost or obligation to speak with a Pinnacle Forward expert?

Scheduling a consultation with Pinnacle Forward is free and comes with absolutely no obligation. To get started, enter the address at the top of this page and schedule an appointment with an expert at your convenience.

Is Pinnacle Forward a real estate brokerage or agent?

No, Pinnacle Forward is not a real estate brokerage. We partner with leading real estate professionals nationally to deliver solutions that make homeownership effortless.

Is Pinnacle Forward available in my market?

Yes, Pinnacle Forward services are available in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and D.C.

Does my home qualify?

Yes, Pinnacle Forward serves all property types at all price points. Properties with values less than $150,000 or more than $3,000,000 are eligible, but may be subject to custom terms.

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*Terms pertaining to repayment by Seller for work performed, renovation, staging or other services provided by Pinnacle Forward and its contractors is determined on a case by case basis negotiated directly with Pinnacle Forward and Seller. Repayment is due upon the close of escrow or within 90 days from completion of work or services rendered, whichever shall first occur.

**Pinnacle is powered by Pinnacle Forward Platform, a Delaware limited liability company unrelated to Intero Real Estate Services, Inc. All California contractors referred to Seller are vetted and referred by Pinnacle Forward, and are licensed and insured. Intero Real Estate Services, Inc. makes no representations or warranties expressed or implied regarding design, workmanship, services or materials provided by Pinnacle Forward vendors, contractors or sub-contractors. Intero Real Estate Services, Inc. makes no affirmative representation regarding increased value as a result of improvements or modifications made pursuant to Pinnacle Forward’s design team.